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Syntetyc, August 30 2021

Digital art, how to paint grass or vegetation with photoshop and procreate

Painting grass and vegetation is always a complicated task, there are many types of and to reach a beautiful finish, usualy we fall on over detail or complicated techniques.

Here, I’m going to explain some of my techniques to painting grass with photoshop and procreate. Really doesn’t matter the software you are going to use, because the way to do it is the same.

Using selection or lasso tool

An effective technique to create tall vegetation, and to highlight different zones is the selection tool, also called “lasso tool” in photoshop.

The way to do it is to draw the shape of the vegetation, and after that, use a soft brush to create a gradient.

The concept that you have to understand is that tall grass is alwais more illuminated in its top than its bottom, it’s obvious, its bottom is usually under more vegetation and is complicated that light get there.

So, understood that, we have to paint with saturated or lighter colors the top of each leave of vegetation, and the bottom, with desaturated or darker colors.

Here you can see this technique in action:

Using custom brushes

Using custom brushes is a great solution when you have to fill a big portion of your painting with vegetation, because if you have to do it manually, you would spend on it too many hours.

Custom brushes can help you to optimize your time, but you have to know that they don’t do miracles. Each custom brush has different behavior, generates different textures and you have to learn and understand it to get the results that you are looking for.

I’m going to recommend you, for me, the better custom brushes for vegetation.

1. Lucky Melon gouache brushes for photoshop and procreate

For me, the perfect brush pack, specialized in vegetation, flowers, plants, grass, and many textures to generate green vegetation zones. The pack also include 2 hours of video tutorials of how to use these brushes, explained by the artist.

2. Flora vegetation brushes

I love this pack, because it's perfect for dense vegetation. It has a touch of abstract style but maintaining the high detail level getting beautiful textures and realistic vegetation effect. 

This pack it's only avalable for procreate.

3. Photoshop environment brushes

A huge pack of brushes, only for photoshop, but this bundle has many textures, and many leaves, grass and nature brushes. I always recommend this pack because it's free, and is a very good pack for experimenting.

4. Premium Vegetation brush pack for photoshop and procreate

The best pack for beginners. If you want to start learning about brushes, and to create your first landscapes with instant beautiful results, this is your pack.

The pack include a curated selection of hand made brushes, specially made to don't be complicated. Also include two video tutorials and two layered illustrations.

You can see the teaser of this pack:

With this pack you will be able to create beautiful detailed trees, distant forests and relaxing valleys so easy.

I really recommend this pack for beginners, because the brushes are very automated to works instantly and to get beautiful results. You know, you have to test a little bit to know how they work, but when you see the behavior of each brush, you'll know how to apply on your art to reach beautiful results.

I hope you have found these tips useful. 

You can followme on instagram to stay tuned about new tips, video tutorials and more art stuff!


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