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Syntetyc, August 29 2021

The perfect present for cat lovers!

Are you looking for a present or gift for a cat lover person?

Here you have a several beautiful gifts ideas that any cat lover woluld love to have, to demonstrate every day their love to their favorite pet.

I know when some special occasion arrives, like a birthday or christmas, it's very difficult to find the perfect present for everyone, but if that special person that you have to give a present have cats, here is the solution. 

This cats and flowers collection is not only art, is a collection of beautiful products designed and created for the love to cats, and I'm sure that it will be loved by every cat owner.

This collection is made up of six beautiful floral designs, where the main characters are cats. You can choose from white, black, orange and sphynx cat, combined with an amazing floral patterns.

Visit the collection page here to discover all products, but I want to show you the most popular ones.

Cats and flowers stickers

Stickers are a very popular and versatile gift. It's a cheap product, from $1.30 you can combining them with other products to give a plus gift without spending a lot. 

Take a look here to the collection of cats and flowers stickers.

Metal posters, an impressive gift for cat lovers

I have two metal posters of these cats and flowers designs, and are simply breathtaking. The vivid colors, the sharpness and the metal finish is totally different from any other kind of poster. Displate.com is the provider of them, and the quality is totally guaranteed, besides, they have an unique and clever magnet mounting system, so, you don't need to drill the wall or use any tool, simply stick the protective sticker, stick the magnet, and hang the poster. The magnet will do all work!

Take a look here to the collection of cats and flowers stickers.

Hoodies and t-shirts that any cat lover wants

Here you have several options, from minimal t-shirts with the compact cats and flowers design, to a full print t-shirts and hoodies. 

Basic cats and flowers t-shirts

The basic cats and flowers t-shirts are the cheaper options, but not for that are the worse present, because you know, less is more, and many people loves minimal and clean designs like these t-shirts with the "compact" version of the cats and flowers illustrations. I'm sure that any cat lover will be happy with these t-shirts.

Take a look to the basic cats and flowers t-shirts.

Full print cats and flowers t-shirts for men and women

I personally love this option, because the design looks amazing on a fullprint format. 

I love that the design cover all the fabric, and generate a pleasant texture, combined with beautiful colors, the details of the design, and, of course, the beautiful cats integrated.

Hoodielab.com is the provider of these high quality fullprint t-shirts, they deliver internationally and all products has the best quality.

In order from left to right, each t-shirt has an option for men or women.

Fullprint cats and flowers hoodies for men and women

This is a very popular option, is the best selling fashion product of this collection, maybe because cat lovers wants to feel cozy, and you know that hoodies are the best option for that. Also, the pocket of the hoodie and the hood are very interesting places for a curious cat.

Cats and flowers tote bags

Totebags are also a very popular and useful present for everyone, so, if you also add a beautiful cats design, you'll give the perfect present for your cat lover special person.

Check the cats and flowers tote bags at redbubble.

Prints museum level quality from InPrnt

Prints are always a beautiful and effective present, and with this beautiful cats and flowers designs from InPrnt, you'll get the best quality museum level prints. Choose the framed option, and enjoy with a beutiful ready to hang piece of art.

Go to InPrnt store to see the cats and flowers collection.

All Cats and flowers design merch from redbubble

You can find more products with these cats and flowers designs on Redbubble:

And much more! Take a look all collection on Redbubble. Navigate through the categories.

All Cats and flowers products from HoodieLab

The best hoodies, hoodie blankets and fullprint t-shirts are from hoodielab. Visit my profile  to find all available products.

Also, you can visit my cats and flowers site if you want to see other products from other stores, click or tab on the image below

You can follow me on instagram to stay tuned about new designs and products!

Thank you very much for your support.

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